How soon after baby is born can I wear the BellyBye?

The BellyBye can be worn from the first day after baby is born. The sooner the better! This goes for a natural or C-section birth.


Can the BellyBye be worn after C-section?

Yes! They BellyBye provides support to you C-section cut, and you are much more functional. This also means that there is less pain at the cut and your wound heals faster. Wear your BellyBye just above the C-section or directly over it ā€“ make sure it does not rub or irritate the incision.

How long should I wear the BellyBye for?

You should wear your BellyBye all day and night for the first 6 weeks.

How long will it take to see results after wearing the BellyBye?

You will see results almost instantly! The BellyBye will put a lot of pressure on your empty, bloated belly and you will feel instant support. Results are early as 1-2 weeks after wearing the BellyBye according to our guidelines.

Should I sleep with the BellyBye?

Yes. The BellyBye should be worn during the day and while you sleep. The more often you wear it in the first 6 weeks, the more evident your results.

Will I bleed more while I wear the BellyBye?

You may find your post-birth bleeding increases slightly as you start wearing the BellyUp. This is only due to the compression which enhances clearing out and healing.

What if the BellyBye is the incorrect size?

If the BellyBye is the incorrect size, please do not wear it but contact us immediately and we shall arrange a courier collection and size change.

What if the edges of the BellyBye stick up?

As the Velcro we use in the BellyBye is so strong, the edges can tend to roll back a bit. Please iron these inwards in a ā€˜Vā€™ shape if they bother you.

How do I wash the BellyBye?

The BellyBye is made of material that is designed to absorb sweat and does not need to be washed often. If you do need to wash the BellyUp please do a gentle hand wash and dry out of the sun.

How tight do I wear the BellyBye?

You need to wear your BellyBye as tight and as low down to your pubic bone (in front) as possible. It is a good idea to fir your BellyBye while you are lying for the first few days. In lying down our belly tends to move up a bit which makes it easier to get your BellyBye as low down to your pubic bone as possible.

Can I exercise with the BellyBye?

You should exercise with your BellyBye in the first 6 weeks after birth. The BellyBye provides the extra support your body needs and allows you to exercise sooner that the recommended 6 weeks (using pain as a guideline).Ā 

Can I wear the BellyBye under clothing?

Yes. The BellyUp is designed to be worn under clothing, directly against your skin. T can be worn over a tight top or camisole if that makes you more comfortable.

What is the difference between the BellyBye and the BellyBeGone?

The BellyBye is our maternity belly binder and the BellyBeGone is a waist trainer to be worn well after baby or later in life. The BellyBye is shorter and easier to use while designed to act mainly on your belly and back, hips and pelvis.

What if the material or stitching pulls?

The BellyBye is underwear and needs to be treated gently and with care. The extremely strong Velcro can pull on the parts of the BellyBye that it is not supposed to touch. This will not change the structure or ultimate function of the BellyBye.