Can the BellyUp harm my baby?

No. the BellyUp does not squeeze down or around your belly and acts like a hammock underneath your belly instead. It should be worn as low down to your pubic bone as possible and just takes the weight off your heavy belly.

How soon can I start wearing the BellyUp?

You should start wearing the BellyUp as soon as you experience any pain or discomfort in your back, pelvis or hips. The hormone Relaxin starts circulating as soon as you fall pregnant – and this acts on your joints. It is neve too early to wear the BellyUp.

Can I wear my BellyUp for my whole pregnancy?

Your BellyUp can be worn right up to birth!

Should I sleep with the BellyUp?

Yes – especially in the last few weeks of pregnancy! The BellyUp will support your back, pelvic and hips while you sleep. I also recommend that you sleep with a pillow between your knees (on your side) and a pillow supporting your belly.

Should I exercise with the BellyUp?

Yes! Gravity tends to pull your heavy belly down and this can be worsened during standing exercise. The extra support will make exercising easier and you are less likely to get injured.

How do I wash the BellyUp?

The BellyUp is made of material that is designed to absorb sweat and does not need to be washed often. If you do need to wash the BellyUp please do a gentle hand wash and dry out of the sun.

Will the BellyUp fit me as I grow during pregnancy?

Absolutely! The BellyUp is designed to grow with you as your belly grows. The size you purchase is based on your size before pregnancy and will fit throughout!

Can the BellyUp be worn under clothing?

Yes. The BellyUp is designed to be worn under clothing, directly against your skin. T can be worn over a tight top or camisole if that makes you more comfortable.

What if the BellyUp is the incorrect size?

If the BellyUp is the incorrect size, please do not wear it but contact us immediately and we shall arrange a courier collection and size change.

What if the material or stitching pulls?

The BellyUp is underwear and needs to be treated gently and with care. The extremely strong Velcro can pull on the parts of the BellyUp that it is not supposed to touch. This will not change the structure or ultimate function of the BellyUp.