Active Maternity Support Leggings

Comfort, style, support, and easy nursing is at its best!

Experience unmatched comfort and support with BellyActive’s Active Maternity Support Leggings, created by Physiotherapist Julie Kay. Designed for active expecting and new mothers, these ankle-length leggings offer specialised support during pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond.

Our Active Maternity Support Leggings feature a unique belly compression design that aids abdominal and core muscles, providing essential support to the pelvic area and C-section incisions. Wear them over your BellyUp or BellyBye for an optimal fit and experience the ease of movement like never before.

Functionality meets style with flattering stitch lines, and a back pocket with a zip for convenience. Stay comfortable and dry thanks to our advanced moisture management system that ensures quick absorption, wicking, and drying to keep your body temperature regulated during any activity.

Choose BellyActive Active Maternity Support Leggings for a combination of comfort, support, and style designed to adapt to your changing body and needs. Make your journey through pregnancy and postpartum periods more comfortable and supported.

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