Belly Be Gone

The BellyBeGone supports your back, core and posture while giving you the figure you want to create!

The BellyBeGone is a 3 section waist trainer that fits your unique body. The 3 different sections support and compress your upper, middle and lower belly as well as the top of your hips – creating a sleek and shapely look! When your body looks and feels good so do you!

Waist training has become ever more popular and the results speak for themselves. Beautiful waists and slender shapes are formed during this practice and women are able to achieve what they want from their bodies!

bellybegone Waist trainer

Look sleek in that special outfit and change your shape!

The BellyBeGone offers compression and support to your lower back, abdomen and pelvis regions. It’s elastic material allows you to control the degree of compression that is comfortable for you. 

The soft, absorptive inside is gentle on your skin and absorbs sweating and body heat.

Don’t forget Diet and Exercise too

Exercise and a healthy diet are greatly important in achieving the sleek shape you desire. This should be done is conjunction with using the BellyBeGone for maximal benefit!

Benefits of BellyBeGone

  • flattens your belly
  • defines your shape
  • supports your back, abdomen and pelvis
  • reduces back and pelvic pain
  • enhances circulation
  • reduces swelling and bloating
  • comfortable and easily adjustable
  • 3 different sections to fit every body type
I recommend wearing the BellyBeGone as often as possible and whenever you require additional back support.

Fitting your Belly BeGone correctly

Please fit it correctly using our easy video instructions

Available in black and beige at R995 each.

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