BellyBye flattens your belly after baby and defines your shape!

BellyBye is a post birth belly binder that speeds up recovery and returns your body to normal after baby! Women still have large bellies directly after giving birth – this can be hard to accept! Your belly will still protrude due to the stretch that baby has put on your organs, skin and muscles. Swelling, inflammation and remaining fluid also add to your belly size.

The BellyBye also provides back, abdominal and pelvic support therefore assisting in improving your posture and reducing back and pelvic pain. It can be used directly after natural birth or C-section or natural birth. The compression effect of the BellyBye also reduces swelling and inflammation and allows for improved blood flow and healing.

BellyBye assists in getting your shape back!

BellyBye is a medical brace with struts for back support within a soft, breathable, elastic material that allows for adjusting as your belly shrinks. It is designed to compress and support your belly.

A gentle abdominal exercise program (Julie Kay Post Birth Exercise Program) is beneficial when using the BellyBye and will enhance your results. I recommend wearing the product every day and night for at least 6 weeks after baby is born.

Benefits of BellyBye:

  • Flattens your belly after baby
  • Reduces inflammation and swelling
  • Supports your back and pelvis
  • Lessens pain after c-section
  • Enhances circulation and healing
  • Improves your functional ability
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Defines your shape
Julie Kay BellyBye

Fitting your BellyBye correctly

Please fit it correctly using our easy video instructions

Available in black and beige at R895 each.

Julie Kay BellyBye
Julie Kay BellyBye
Julie Kay BellyBye