Washable Breast Pads

The Washable Breast Pads are washable and reusable, which makes them not only a good choice for you, but also a good choice for the environment.

The extra-soft and absorbent pads also feature a natural cotton inner layer to keep you comfortable and are gentle on your skin. Moisture is kept away from your skin and is trapped behind a leakproof layer.

Perfectly discreet

Wear your washable breast pads discreetly inside your feeding bra or vest of choice and leaking breastmilk will be easily contained. The anti-slip outer layer ensures the Washable Breast Pads are kept in place.

Hand wash in lukewarm water and dry away from heat.

The Benefits of Washable Breast Pads

  • Extra soft and absorbent
  • Reusable
  • Soft brushed cotton inner lining
  • Waterproof outer lining
  • Soft and gentle against skin
  • Absorbent padding draws moisture away from your skin
  • Moisture is trapped behind a leakproof liner
  • Anti-slip outer layer
  • Easily worn in your bra
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